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Sat Baba ji and Sat sangat quotes 35

Satnaam ji.   For a moment just forget yourself.  Forget that you are an individual with a name, gender, language, religion and identity.   Just for a moment  look out at the sky and sea, space and beyond.  Look out at the universe.  And for a moment realise that this body is also part of this universe.  It is not seperate.  Forget that I am here and the universe is out there.  Forget the separation.  Each grain of sand forms the complete beach. If the sand thinks it is seperate from the beach that is ego's illusion.    So now for a moment look out at the universe and realise it is the universe inside this grain of a body looking at itself.   The universe is alive and looking at itself through every living being.  Sat Baba ji said God wanted to know himself that's why he created the universe and put himself inside it.  Sat Baba ji said that, "I am God just like you are God but you haven't realised that yet."  when we sing tuhitu, only you,  it is the God inside us looking at the God outside us and seeing it is all God, not me. Haumai nahee. Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam










Pritam Anand ji


Past is eating us alive. If we can't live in the moment of truth we are wasting lives. REHT PIYAARI MUJH KO SIKH PIYAARAA NAHI REHT GUNNA DI SEWA SABNA DI NA KOYEE VARI NAHI VIGAANA SAGAL SANG HUM KO BAN AAYEE. We have to rise above and see God in all. It is easy to put lines or quotes (from past gurus) . Better we ask question. Do we love see God in all. Better we earn Satguru Sat Gurbani teaching and live like what sat Gurbani teaches us. Whole world is burning in hatred. We want to create more hatred or create more love. Sikhi is CHAR VARNA NU UPDESH. TODAY WE THINKING WEARING 5K IS SIKHI. SIKHI IS SIKHI SIKHIYAA GUR VICHAAR.

Everyone is unique.

By quoting lines then we  think we are better than Muslims. Better we look within ourselves and find out our own weaknesses not put two lines and think we are better than others.

We have to look within ourselves and find out our own weaknesses and work on those weaknesses.

Pointing one finger to others always remember we are pointing 3 fingers towards us means other person have one weakness and we have 3 weaknesses.

Pritam Anand j

Our guru, who art in sangat,
Sat be thy naam,
Truth will be done on earth as it is in heaven,
Give us this day our daily simran,
And forgive us our five demons,
As we forgive those whose demons  trespass against us,
For thine is the seva,
The power and the forgiveness,
Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever




Dandauth Bandhna To Truth In That Which Is The Transcendent Creator Of All That Is, Was, And Ever Will Be, and without Your Grace we are helpless beings floundering in the scum, disease, and wretched existence of that which is Maya's dastardly poisons and influence, so please help us, By Only Your Grace, to get out of Maya's encircling web of pain, sorrow, and destruction that takes us away from You.
Dandauth Bandhna Jyot Niranjan Nirankaar Satguru, Gurbani, Avatars, Sants, Gurus, Pirs, Gurmukhs, Khalsas, Bhagats, Puran Braham Gyanis, Dhan Dhan Sat Sangat Ji, All Nature An Creation, Lovers Of Your Truth.
Nirbhao Nirvair Satnaam
Haumai Nahi Tu Hi Tu, and By Your Grace help us to get out of these thoughts and wrongful actions of the powers of lust, attachments, greed, anger, pride, desires, hopes, and expectations, and send peace, contentment, compassion, forgiveness, wellness, safety, and humility into the Divine Heart which You Have Given Us, and Send the Divine Surrender Into us so we can fulfill our Karmic destiny and be freed from all its consequenses. 
Ik Oankaar Satnaam Gurparsaad
Karta Purakh Satnaam
Akal Purakh Satnaam
Sat Paarbraham Sarnaaee
Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Hirda Satnaam


Every day that sinks into the night, is one less day we have in this life.  

Those days are not coming back again, hold onto the feet of satguru my friend.

While the heart is pumping we walk tall and proud, forgetting we are going to end up under the ground.

Every day the glorious sun comes out,  but it can not disperse the darkness of doubt.

We fill every thought with selfishness, great is the one who uplifts everyone else.

Life and death is a very serious game, do truthful deeds and chant Truth's name.

These days are not coming back my friend, who knows when we will find a guru again.

Today?  Tomorrow? When will this mortal journey end?
Each moment is priceless fill it with Sat Naam again and again.

The clouds are passing, the birds leave the tree.   Why are you clinging on to your family?

In chasing wealth with every breath, oh you forget your fast impending death.

Give up your stubbornness and do what the Guru said.
It's too late to repent when you're on your death bed.

Surrender to him in this dark night. Open your heart and welcome the light.

Go to God's court whilst you are still alive.   Don't worry about how you will survive.

He took care of you and takes care of everything.   Just surrender and give back all to Him.

Ask for nothing but naam, seva and bandagi.  He will save you from your misery.

Live a life of serving Him in all.  If you don't then you haven't seen Him at all.

Live for others, see all as your very own sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers.

We are here for just four days.  Fill them with singing His praise.

When sickness of the body comes. Even then don't forget that One.

And even if the physical sickness can't be cured. Do satnaam and a seat in God's court you are assured.

Do satnaam and service  with love for all.  Become the lowest and fall, fall, fall.

May your days be filled with peace in a humble heart. May you express God in your words, dance and art.

May you go home with light on your face.   May the whole world sing your praise.   For the ones who came to sing His name. He glorifies them just the same.

Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam



Dandaut bandana babaji at ur sat feet ji. Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji

Babaji during ludhiana Sangat, I saw a beautiful diamond train and it reached the station which was also diamond made. There was a day time . Immediately next to station there was a dark night . And I saw a brigde there with beautiful dim lights. There I had Darshan of Dhan dhan Babaji , dassan dass g and mataji . I did Dandaut to all of them . All with aap ji's kirpa.

Then I saw diamond swings in the same room where we all were singing satnaam satnaam in Ludhiana . Various Sant souls were sitting on those swings. Again the lights were dim. It was all beautiful. Next day I had Darshan of 10 gurus in an arc form and above that arc I saw Dhan dhan Babaji . Then I saw another arc of 10 gurus and above that arc I had Darshan of Dhan dhan dassan dass g. Just Like this I saw 2 more arcs and above those arcs I had visions of 10th guru and guru Nanak Dev g . Satnaam satnaam g.
Then all those arcs combined to form one major arc and converted into jot which then entered in the centr of my body .
Throughout the sangat I had visions of aap ji's ,Babaji and guru Gobind Singh g .
Satnaam satnaam g

Am ji

"Don't ask to be loved. Just go and love everyone and everything around you. If you ask for anything other than service you will be in pain. In serving all as a servant everything comes to you.  You have to earn God. When you do satnaam and good deeds you are earning. " Sat baba Ji - 2015-02-19 18min.

Wow! What a lesson. I have been doing my spiritual journey all wrong. I have been looking for God to love me.   And not feeling that I have negativity towards everything and everyone around me.  I feel unloved, a failure and disappointed. Have no enthusiasm to make an effort with others. Just my resentment comes through in all my dealings.  All due to my asking to be loved but feeling I am not.  I have done bandagi all wrong for the last 29 years.  Now I now why. Dhan Dhan baba ji, just one word from you has put me straight.  Even wanting to be loved by God has been the root cause of my pain. Should have just loved God in all and served with love in all.  Please forgive us.  Thank you for showing us.   Baba ji said once "if you want to be hugged go and hug someone."  It means get rid of our want and go and give it to others. When we sow it then it will come back to us.   If we want to be loved then don't sit around crying that we are lonely and empty just go and put love into everything we are doing. Sow first then it will come back multiplied.  Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji.


From ranjan ji: Had to share this writing piece from our blessed daughter @myasahi

I sit in a blank room alone, made of 4 walls and a roof.

I am alone but I don't feel lonely.

I sit in silence but still feel as though I am communicating with something.

There is no one around me but I still feel loved. 

The room around me is empty but I still feel complete.

I see nothing but feel something.

It's God.

I realize I was never and will never be alone. He communicates, he loves, he completes.


Dear Dassan Dass ji and Babaji,
Satnaam Ji Daddyji,
Dandauth Bandhna Ji,

We wish to share some unique experiences of soul after death.

Daddyji, if you remember you had met our cousin brother Rachitji and his wife Meenaji during the Ludhiana Sangat along with our young brother Himanshuji.
Rachitji's father being the youngest brother of our father is our Chachaji.

Our Chachaji was not feeling well due to certain liver ailments and was admitted to a hospital in New Delhi. His condition was critical for several days together and accordingly we prayed to you (Babaji, Dassan dassji, Guru Nanakji, Guru Gobind Singhji, Akalpurakhji and Sant Kabir Sahebji) to bless him and help him with whatever is the best for him. We had visions that our Chachaji was surrounded by all of you and you lifted your hand together. Tremendous quantum of white light entered from your hands into Chachaji's body. The body became saturated with white light and we were shown that all  7 Sarovars of the Astral body became overflowing with Nectar / Amrit. However this started reducing again after some time and we were shown a knob which when we turned in a clockwise direction saturated the body again. This knob used to move counterclockwise slowly and Amrit started reducing Again which we with your grace kept on increasing again and again. This went on for so many days and even though we knew that every physical body on earth has to perish as even Buddhaji, Mahavirji, all Sikh Saints etc had left their physical body but nevertheless we tried to help and do whatever Seva we could with all of your grace inorder to make life for Chachaji as comfortable as possible.

Daddyji, chachaji expired on last Friday. We again prayed to you all  (Babaji, Dassan dassji, Guru Nanakji, Guru Gobind Singhji, Akalpurakhji and Sant Kabir Sahebji) to help him and support him. We prayed to do whatever is the best for him and help his soul in the journey into the beyond. We have started seeing him close to us. We had visions that his physical body has been ripped apart. His soul has started its travel into the beyond and looked like a black circular ball. This black covering was very thick like a steel sheet and was peeled off in 5 segments. We were told that these are coverings of Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankaar. Upon the peel off we saw a white ball. Chachaji's astral body was visible to us through out the day subsequent to being burnt in pyre, he was quiet but we reassured him do not worry we had already prayed and will also continue to do so. Meanwhile we requested him to meet Babaji and Dassan dassji and seek their blessings.

Daddyji, we were woken up for usual Abhyaas on Saturday at 2:30 AM Amritvela. We saw Chachaji standing in front of us and he said son, you said that I would be taken care off but see I am all alone and feeling lonely. We went to the prayer room and as usual before commencing our Abhyas we did Dandauth to you (Babaji, Dassan dassji, Guru Nanakji, Guru Gobind Singhji, Akalpurakhji and Sant Kabir Sahebji). Upon closing our eyes we saw Chachaji on the Trikuti and we shifted our focus on the continuous flow of celestial shabd from the Dassam Dwar. Soon the Trikuti lit up and Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh ji appeared. We were blessed us with his Darshans for the first time during our visit to Golden Temple last year. We did Dandauth and prayed to Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh ji to guide Chachaji in his journey into the beyond. We heard a loud voice which said Ek Janam aur phir Mukti ( One more life followed by liberation)

Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh ji hugged us and Chachaji we both were shown as laying our head on his heart and  he placed his hand on our heads. We told Chachaji that Chachiji, Shiplyji, Rachitji and Meenaji have served you throughout. Before commencing your journey please forgive them, please forgive everybody and do not take any grudge beyond this point. Chachaji told us to tell our father and Mother that he always respected them as his elders and any misunderstandings were circumstantial. He also sought forgiveness from all other relatives and told us to tell them to forgive him. Chachaji was then lead to a place where there was a bucket made up of Gold and filled with water. Chacha ji took bath with the water and was then led into a massive Palace. There was a very big hall and a big dining table Chachaji was seen eating his choicest food. He became extremely happy. Upon seeing him smile we felt that our heart has become light and we also became happy.

Chachaji, also visited us subsequently and whenever we focus our concentration on him. He told us that he is extremely happy and did Dandauth to us. We said that we have been seeking your blessings through out our life please do not do this to us. You should do Dandauth to our Master / Murshid - Babaji, Dassan dassji, Guru Nanakji, Guru Gobind Singhji, Akalpurakhji and Sant Kabir Sahebji. You should also do Dandauth to Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh ji. You are in their safe hands. Please follow their instructions and do Satnaam Simran.

Chachaji told us that he desired us to be born as his son in next birth. We told Chachaji that we are a part of Satnaam Sangat which is bound home never to return again therefore please focus on Naam Simran as you have the best and most powerful Masters. We told him that we will continue praying always for his and everybody's well being forever and within the best of our abilities.

With a great feeling of proudness we wish to say that my Satguru is the best. I bow at his holy feet again and again. He is the puran Sat and my idol in life.

Please bless us with humbleness and more and more of this infinite wealth of Naam. May we drink this Amrit 24 x 7.

Please forgive our sins and mistakes and bless us with more and more surrender and Naam Abhyaas

Dandauth Bandhna Ji,
Dust below your holy feet ji.

Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam sda sda Satnaam ji

Dassan Dass ji :
DHAN dhan satnaam. SATNAAM bless your Chacha Ji. Whatever you have seen is dhan dhan.


Most Revered Guru Dassan Dass ji, Dandauth Bandana countless times at your lotus feet ji! Guru ji I need your immense blessings to devote more and more time to naam Simran. Guru ji with your kind blessings I was blessed with a vision where I came to understand that I am now daughter of Nirankar Roop  Dhan dhan Guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaj! Immediately I was bestowed the knowledge that as your highness had accepted a filthy person like me as your beti that is why I became Guru ji's  daughter as well !! Dhan dhan my pita Guru Dassan Days ji ....dhan tuhadi kamai ....
Guru ji yesterday night I was shown a rope which was very long and hard to climb...but I tried to climb with all my strength and covered more than half of the journey and then I stopped and was still holding the rope ...I said its difficult to climb more..I don't have more strength but then a man standing nearby said only a little path is left so try again...I again try with all my strength and reach the top. Here I saw few people and there was a square pedestal with clear big footprints where everyone was bowing and I too bowed my forehead there. Everyone was asking for their wishes to be fulfilled and I too asked for a huge wealth of naam Simran and blessings for my family and a wish to be sada suhagan .
Guru ji it is the biggest blessing on earth to have you as my Guru ji ! Please keep showering your divine blessings on me and may my head be under your charan Saharan always!
Bhul chuk  maaf karni ji ! We are so stupid fools ...please forgive our countless sins and bless us always pita ji !
With lots of love and regards,
Ginny Beti .


Satnaaam satnaaam g
Dandaut bandana Babaji
Sda sda satnaam

Babaji today when I was doing Simran , I saw sketch of black rose with white outline . Then It got converted into a real black rose with diamond outline now . Then the whole rose got converted into a diamond-made rose . Then I had vision of aap Ji sitting on a sofa . I kissed ur feet and did Dandaut to aapji and place that diamond rose at ur feet .

Then I had visions of sundarnagri, there I saw satmeet veerji (in white and orange wear) and Jagdeep veerji ( in blue and black wear). Then I had vision of Dhan dhan Babaji and I did Dandaut to them.

After that I had visions of IK Onkar in front of my eyes and then in the centre of my forehead .

I also had vision of a room with kites hanging over there . At the same place I had vision of human skeleton hanging from tree branch .

Then I had visions of Preet Didi smiling face.

After that I saw guru Gobind Singh ji with their horse . I did Dandaut to them as well.

I also had vision of a sea in the centr of which there was a stone , a big one , Dhan dhan Babaji were sitting there with their eyes closed and they were meditating . Then there came a sudden blow of air ( to disturb Babaji) and saw gesture of ik sat just above the Babaji in respond to that disturbing source. Gesture of ik sat was a proof that there is no power in this whole world who stops from u from doing Simran if u are dedicated and if u have strong will .
Satnaam satnaam g satnaaam satnaaam g.

Am ji

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