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Sat Baba ji and sat sangat quotes 36


No one as sinful as me. No one as kind as you. No one as stubborn as me. No one as patient as you. No one as filthy as me. No one as bright as you. No one as false as me. No one as true as you.  As many as there are drops in the ocean so are my sins. Please don't look at my sins, forgive me and bless me with bandagi because I fail and fall again and again.  Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji


Live at the Lotus feet
of the Perfect Guru.
Live under the aura
of the Perfect Guru -
Live at the Sat Charans
of  the Satgur Poora.
Live under the Chattar
of the Satgur Poora.

Live in Eternal Blessings,
Eternal blessings –
the GurParsaad.

Live in Amrit,
the cosmic energy,

Live in Naam,
Naam, Naam, Naam.
The name of  my beloved -
Sat Naam.
Always and forever
Sat Naam,
Sada Sada
Sat Naam.

Live in Sat,
Sat, Sat, Sat -
Eternal Truth,
Eternal Truth.

Live in Sunn,
Sunn, Sunn, Sunn -
Nothing, but Peace.

Live in Sat,
Sat Chit Anand -

Live in Perfect Wisdom Divine -
Puran Brahm Gyan.
Realise the Essence Divine -
Puran Tat Gyan.

Live in Supreme Light,
Perfect and Bright -
Param Jyot, Puran Parkash.

Live in Perfect Eternal Truth -
Puran Sat, Puran Sat.

Live in Eternal Bliss
Eternal Bliss, Eternal Bliss.

Live in His Body Of Light –
Nirgun Saroop, Nirgun Saroop.

Live as a liberated soul -
Jivan Mukt, Jivan Mukt.

Live in His acceptance -
Sada Suhaag,  Sada Suhaag.

Live in Him completely -
Sehaj Smadhi, Sehaj Smadhi.

Live in His divine music -
Anhad Vaajey, Anhad Vaajey.

Live in the Ocean of Light -
Mansarovar, Mansarovar.

Live in The Ocean of God -
Gursagar, Gursagar.

Live in Selfless service -
Nishkam Seva, Nishkam Seva.

Live in Philanthropy -
Parupkaar, Parupkaar.

Live by saving souls -
Maha Parupkaar, Maha Parupkaar.

Live with every bit of your body
Reciting His name -
Rom Rom Simran, Rom Rom Simran.

Live your life in giving,
Giving your body,
Mind and wealth.

Live your life in Kindness,
Humbleness, love and humilty.

Live in deep divine devotion,
Live in deep divine trust.

See all with an equal eye -
Ik Drisht, Ik Drisht.

Live your life fearlessly -
Nirbhao, Nirbhao.

Live in love, without hate -
Nirvair, Nirvair.

Nirbhao Sat Naam.
Nirvair SatNaam.
Nirbhao Sat Naam.
Nirvair SatNaam.

Live in Naam,
Naam, Naam, Naam.
The name of  my beloved -
Sat Naam.
Always and forever
Sat Naam,
Sada Sada
Sat Naam.

Dassan Dass ji

Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam  we don't fail in life or in bandagi when we lose to our bad habits. We fail when  we don't pick ourself up, learn from our mistakes and give up.   We fail when we stop trying.  We have to keep trying till our final breath.   BANDA KAR TU BANDAGI JICHAR GHAT MEH SAAH.  O SLAVE DO BANDAGI WHILST YOU STILL HAVE BREATH IN YOUR BODY.  KABIR JI.

Satnaam ji we are still losing to our bad habits, pls forgive us,  pick us up and keep us in your bandagi.

Sometimes we take two steps forward and then one step back. Sometimes we take one step forward and five steps back.  Like stretching an elastic band, we try to go to the heart, but the mind pulls us back just as hard.    It takes time to undo the bad habits we took a lifetime to make.  Fareeda turya turya jaai.. Oh Fareed keep on walking, keep on walking.     As long as we are better by the end of our life than we were at the beginning.   As long as we did sat naam and sat deeds then we toiled in the right direction and will go with a shining face.  Naam te mukh ujalay ketee shutee naal. And many will go along with us.


We get out of life what we put into it.  Baba ji said put ten percent more love into all of your interactions everyday.  If we want to be loved we have to give love. If we want to be hugged then give hugs. If we want to feel good then do good for others.   If we want to see God inside us then see God outside in everyone and everything.   Baba ji said he has loved and served each of us as we are God himself infront if him. But have we done the same when seeing Baba ji?  Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji.

Dear Dassan Dass ji and Babaji,
Satnaam Ji Daddyji,
Dandauth Bandhna Ji,

We wish to share some unique experiences with you.

As already shared with you, subsequent to the demise of our Chachaji we are having daily meetings with Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji during the Amritvela Abhyaas.
During the Meditation Session when Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji appeared on our Trikuti we did Dandauth Bandhna to him. He blessed us and held our hand.
There was a door which he lifted and we both moved through this gate upwards passing this Dassam Dwar. Once in Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji operated certain levers and there was a ladder on which he led us up.
He lifted another door – Gyarahwan Dwar and gave us the key of the same and blessed us that we will always be able to pass through this door during subsequent journeys.
On passing through the Gyrahwan Dwar we were in Sachkhand. We saw Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh ji watering certain plant and also met Dhan Dhan Baba Nanakji.
There were 3 Massive palaces. Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji asked us do you know whose palaces are these ? We said we do not know.
Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji said the first one is of Satnam Babaji and the one besides his palace is the one for Dassan Dassji.
We asked Daddy ji what about the third one? Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji said that it is for you when you arrive here. We said Daddyji we only want to remain as a Dust below everybody's feet.
Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji said in Punjabi  about Babaji, Dassandassji and himself that Assi saare ek hain (We are all one)

In another Meditation session Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji took us through the Dassam and Gyrahwan Dwar into the Sachkhand where in we saw that there was darkness. We saw his hand opening a circular cover in front of our head and pure white light entered from the forehead , he opened the left portion of head, right portion of head and back of head by unscrewing the circular covering that we see in a jar. The entire head above the Gyarwan Dwar bathed in tremendously sparking light and in the center of head we saw the Golden Temple just similar to the one in Amritsar. Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji opened the gyarwahan Dwar moving downwards now and this light illuminated the space between Dassam Dwar and Gyarwahan Dwar. He also opened Dassam Dwar and this light shot down below and filled the body, he opened all sat sarovars, base of both feet, back, arms etc and we saw our entire body radiating light of many suns together.

In another Meditation Session we became a swan and was flying with Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji and were shown eating pearls and diamonds.

A couple of days back we felt sick and had to take some medicines. These medicines were anti allergic and also sedative. Accordingly even though you woke us up at Amritvela but we just slept (sorry). The same evening as soon as we sat for Meditation we saw our Chachaji (who had recently died)  who told us where were you last night. We said we were not feeling well. Chachaji told us that son I do not understand anything but he (Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji) has told us to be with you whenever you are doing Abhyaas. Yesterday we waited but you did not come. We said sorry to chachaji.

Daddyji, you had instructed the Sangat to pray for Rickyji for 2 days. Our cousin sister Shilpyji who was getting married during Ludhiana Sangat whom you had blessed then also has in her inlaws side  a very young child who is sick and she also instructed us to pray for his well being. Accordingly we prayed for Rickyji and the young child's well being. Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji appeared and placed his hands on both Rickyji and the young child. A very high voltage of white light entered both the bodies and Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji turned black from his very lusturous white form, we also prayed to you, Baba Nanakji and Guru Gobind singh ji and all of you supported us in a similar manner. As you had said we should do this for 2 days when  we prayed again we were told that both are blessed and their Karmic load has been reduced.

We also share a very unique experience today morning. As soon as we started the abhyaas by fixing our attention to Dassam Dwar,  Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji appeared in our heart and illuminated doors, sat chakras and our body was bathing in white light we were shown that he stays in our heart. We prayed to Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji that Daddyji we want to meet God and also merge in him. Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji held our hand and we passed through both doors Dassam and Gyrahwan and reached Sachkhand. Herein we entered through the feet of Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji and were placed in his heart. Tu Hi Tu was resonating all around. Then after merging in him in Sachkhand we raised our head and there was a very big Sun in Sachkhand which was radiating light that could match thousands of suns together. We started our journey into the sun. After some time we saw Lord Krishna in his full form he did Namaskaar to us and showed us a ladder to climb up. We started ascending this ladder with Nirankari Sant Baba Hardev Singh ji soon we were shown entering Nirankari Dham. The entire Nirankari Dham was sounding with continuous loud sounds of Ek Tu Hi Nirankar, Ek Tu Hi Nirankar followed by Nirankar, Nirankar, Nirankar. We met the founder Saints of Nirankari Mission, some Nirankari students, Baba Hardev Singh Ji, Mata Savinderji. Avneet Setya ji (son in law of Babaji who was killed in the same car accident). We did Dandauth to  them. They told us that Mata Savinderji is currently leading the Mission with all their support. There was absolute white sparkling cloud like thing all around. This was Nirankari Dham. All Nirankari Saints blessed us and we told them that we are liking this place and do not want to return back / down. They all said gracefully that we will always be welcome in this Nirankari Dham and can come there whenever we desired.

Today morning while coming to our office we saw that our body was radiating light of 100s of Suns together.

Daddy ji, we are not deserving but your kind grace has bestowed us with everything.

With a great feeling of proudness we wish to say that Babaji and Dassandassji are my Murshid and the best.

I bow at your holy feet again and again. You are the puran Sat and my idol in life.

Please bless us with humbleness and more and more of this infinite wealth of Naam. May we most hungrily and most greedily drink this Amrit 24 x 7.

Please forgive our sins and mistakes and bless us with more and more surrender and Naam Abhyaas

Dandauth Bandhna Ji,
Dust below your holy feet ji.

Amit Malhotra


SATNAAM baba ji with aap jis grace, we had following visions;
1. We were alone in house living room and we intuition that this is baba jis house and today is Sangat. Then baba ji came into the living room with a dustpan and brush and started cleaning the floor ready for Sangat. When we stood up, we pressed our palms together and dived at his feet to do dandauth. He gave his blessings and then said that we have been going through a lot of trouble that he doesn't blame us for the trouble or doubt because the people around us have done this to us. We felt under baba jis protection, he treated us like a father.

2. We were in different location.
We went outside, this time accompanied with our brother. Baba ji and aap ji were holding Sangat outside, it was really foggy. All Sangat were holding hands and dancing around. Then baba ji sat us all down. We were sat behind a big white chair. On our left was app ji and on our right was our brother and another person who looked exactly like app ji but in different clothing. Baba ji then got up to give Katha and app ji told us to grab app jis feet and massage it. We started massaging app jis feet and we remembered the Shabad, guru di charna hirdhey mein dhyan. So we placed aap jis charna on our chest and was trying to make a connection between aap his charana and our heart and was trying to insert the charna into our chest. Then we saw baba ji, he was dressed all in white with white turban, was much bigger and had white beard. Look like God himself. He went to sit on the big white chair but before that, he looked behind at the person on our right who looked like app ji, he smiled and said, "Vishnu how are you?". We realised that Vishnu had taken aap jis form and sat on our right side. Baba ji laughed, aap ji laughed and baba ji said to him, "putt (son) have some water". We looked at him and he looked back, we could tell in his eyes that he looked in bliss. We thought with the white fog around and everything so white, it must have been heavenly divine Sangat.

All by your grace ji, aap ji show us what is needed but we can never understand

Kotton kot dandauth ji

Ravi ji


Baba ji said in the Katha that in the older days the bhagats had absolutely nothing so dhanna ji was asking for a horse and cow and  good wife and dhaal.    But today's sangat has got everything and needs to get rid of our stubborn mind and extreme  spoilt nature.  We have got so used to sitting in comfort on the sofa we dont want to get up and wash dishes, cook food and serve others.    And even when we do have sangat we just order a pizza and put the dishes in the dish washer (or disposable dishes which we throw out).  So what seva did we do? So how will our mental stubborness(munn hut) and extremely spoilt nature (att  teet) get erased?

Baba ji also talked harshly about the sikh preachers and politicians. That they are denying the need for God - guru's blessing, gurparsaad.  They have thrown dust into everyone's eyes and made them believe that just bowing to the religious books and places is going to save them.

Baba ji also said that he is giving the same divine wisdom again and again. So that we don't go a stray. So this mind stays tied in the divine path.  But we must put it into practise.


Every one gets what they want sooner or later.   That's what keeps us being reincarnated.  And Gurbani says whatever we ask for God gives us.    Baba ji said but people in wants are not patient to wait especially waiting lifetimes, so lose faith in God the giver.    Baba ji said those ones in wants God gives them maya, but those that love Him He gives them himself in the form of naam. So the proud ones who are looking for belonging to a tribe  and don't want to bow to the  divine being of their time, God gives them the religion of the past Gurus and prophets.      As we are so we get.


"One thing we would like to bring to the attention of the Sangat Ji is that the young time of our life is a better time to dedicate our self to Naam, Bandgi(loving devotion) and Seva.  Many wait until old age before dedicating themselves to achieve the real eternal goal of their human life which is achieving salvation.  This is not good.  It is very difficult to do so in old age.  By the time old age comes, the Panj Doots have a very strong hold over us.  Old age is full of ailments and physical impairments which make it harder to meditate.  The best thing is to dedicate our self in childhood.  Children are more innocent and not influenced as much by the Panj Doots(5 demons: lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride) .  As we grow, the Panj Doots keep strengthening their hold over us.  It becomes more and more difficult to win over Maya(darkness) .  Children can go into Samadhi very easily, whereas older people never go into Samadhi or very rarely go into Samadhi.  So the best age for Naam Japna is childhood and in the early age and not in the old age." 

Dassan Dass ji.


Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji if we want to overcome our bad habits then first of all we must be honest about it with ourself.     We found keeping a log of what we are doing all day very useful.   Shows us how much time we waste in useless activities.   Also a log of what we are eating, shows how much junk and overeating we are doing.    Dassan dass ji always says we must look at what we did under the five demons every day before starting simran and be honest with ourself where we stand. Accept the truth of what we really are, ask for forgiveness and say sorry if we hurt someone in the process.


Satnaam ji, dandout bandhna ji. We want to share our two experiences. One day we cooked our dinner and lunch for next day. After eating dinner we sat for meditation and we had wisdom that God in our body, prepared dinner and lunch for us and ate as well. Great wisdom regarding haumai nahi tuhi tuhi.
One day we had an inner voice, 'MAIN SAT SAROOP AA, JEHDA HAR TRA DI MAYA TO PARE AA.' Satnaam



Challenge MAYA.
Beat MAYA.

Trust yourself you can beat Maya you have infinite divine powers of satnaam GURPARSAD

You have SATGUR POORA SATNAAM sat PARBRAHAM PARMESAR with you at all times

Put your trust devotion and love in your SATGURU POORA and surrender yourself at his sat CHARANS then Maya will never be able to beat you

Live under the chatter of your SATGURU POORA where Maya can't even think of coming near you

Biggest problem is lack of trust devotion and love and surrender

That makes you loose to Maya

Always keep in your mind that sat is the creator of Maya and sat is your guru

Then how can Maya hurt you if you really believe in your sat guru

There is nothing bigger and better and more powerful than your SATGURU SATNAAM sat PARBRAHAM PARMESAR

Trust yourself
Trust yourself
Trust yourself

Trust your SATGURU
Trust your SATGURU
Trust your SATGURU

Your trust will defeat Maya forever instantaneously.



Hope & Compassion Charity:  Our Principles:

Sit where no one else wants to sit.
Serve where no one else want to serve.
Love where no else want to love.

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