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Satnaam sangat and baba ji quotes 37

Don't waste your time in chasing Maya.
Don't waste your energy in chasing Maya.
When you are dedicated to Satnaam simran and seva and surrender then everything will fall in place for you.


Put your trust love and devotion in Satnaam SATGURU sat PARBRAHAM PARMESAR.

He is only hungry of your trust devotion and love.
You love him only if you love everyone every creation of his.
You trust him only if you serve the truth you live the truth.
You are devoted only if your trust and love is infinite.
Karta PURAKH Satnaam.


Many people are satisfied just when they get the GurParsaad of Naam.  Then they stop praying for Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.  That is why they don't make much progress on the path of spirituality.  Only a few get the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.  This enables them to go higher in spirituality.  So please make a note here to pray for the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Samadhi, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar to meet our objective of achieving the Jivan Mukti.

Those who are fortunate enough to meet a Sant, but then slander Him, ruin their opportunity to progress spiritually.  Instead of getting GurParsaad from the Sant, they indulge in Nindya and effectively erase of all of their hard earned Punn Karams instantly.  Instead of blessings, they are cursed with all of the punishments which have been described in this Astpadi.  In this way their spiritual path is broken.  They are left stuck halfway.  That is what is meant by "sant ka nindak adh beech tay tootai." (Sukhmani).

Dassan Dass ji


Sit in nature more, listen to the birds sing, feel the air and the sun, stay in the moment, don't worry about anything.  All of you are blessed.

Moment by moment this body is leaving you.  Your skin is coming off, what you eat you shit out, slowly slowly this body will go back into the five elements.  Wake up, do simran.

When you think you are the mind, sing the glory of God then there is no mind. Soul overrides the mind and the body.  When your soul will override your mind and body, your aura will shine.   To live is to defeat your logic every day; that is what is called freedom.

If your mind does not free you, you better fight with it and learn to free yourself.  Don't control and don't let anything else control you. Situations and circumstances do not control me. I am far beyond it because I can accept a big palace or dust as the same.

Let nature play its course; don't worry about it. I don't worry about the past and I don't worry about the future.  Only worry to make sure that I do not do wrong - do truth.  Do truth forever; learn to live in the moment; concentrate on the breath of the moment/today; focus on the feet; learn to see God in the other, become truthful within yourself.

The more truthful you become, the more peace and contentment will come. The more truthful you become the more free you will become.  His world is hell and  your family is gutter (Baba Ji was referring to the families who control each other, control their kids etc).  We must become free from all this, do your Simran in silent.  So you can create that freedom, that space for you.

When you praise the other as God, your logic thinking will reduce and when you do bad to the other in any kind of relationship on his planet, you are asking for a beating from God.  Anything other than Truth you are doing to the other person you are asking for hell in your life in the future.

If you are doing Satnaam you must remember this,  what are you deeds, towards others in your family, in your neighbourhood,  in your relationship, to your employer, to humanity, that is called sowing and reaping.  What you are doing today, awaits you tomorrow.  If you are doing Satnaam, better not be doing all those.  Fight with your vices, and don't sow anything bad.   Satnaam.

It takes guts to do it, it's harder than doing Satnaam.  Satnaam is very easy, but trying to control not to pollute further - it's a fight. "You understand", ( whole Sangat replies "Satnaam".)

He is a warrior who fights with the 5 demons; otherwise just a donkey.  Okay??

So when you come to the Sangat next week, don't come with stories like, "she did that; this happened, that happened; I did that...".  

If you do then you are the loser (to the five demons).  

Sat Baba Ji.


A giani once said that everyday we should first remember we are going to die one day. Then we will remember God.  Gurbani says remember God's name and even death's courier cant touch us. Means guru comes to get our soul.  Only the ones that did bandagi were truly successful in life. Guru Gobind Singh ji wrote that when his father went to God the world cried but the heavens cheered. Jai Jai Jai sur lok.    Our deeds should be so high that we are congratulated by God's court. That is the true victory in this life.  Whenever we see others in sickness or death.   Remember one day it will be us.   Remember death then we will remember God and do Truth everyday.

Dhan Dhan SATNAAM DI MAHIMA. Kirandeep JI is blessed with these spiritual experiences (March 2017):

Dandaut bandhna at your feet Dhan Dhan Satguru Pita ji.. We want to share some of the beautiful experiences aap ji blessed this fool these days:

1) few days ago, before waking up for Amrit Vela, a clean shaved man came and told us "Leave Dassan Daas ji" we thought he is maya.. Because every thought which let us away from Sat is Maaya.. With SAT grace we told him, "We can't leave Dassan Daas ji.. He is our satguru.. You may leave.. But we will not leave Our Satguru.. " He tried his best but Sat Parbrahm ji helped us.. Thank you Satnaam ji

2) From few days, our nerves are doing Satnaam Simran.. We hear high beat simran from the organs of our body.. Aap ji di beyant kirpa hai satguru ji.. Saanu simran karna bhul janda hai but aap ji Kise na kise way vch yaad karva dende ho.. Dhan Dhan Mera satgur poora

3) yesterday we had darshan of aap ji Pita ji Doing sewa.. It taught us to be humble.. We went To Harmandir Sahib to do sewa and saw we were doing Sewa with Aap ji.. Aap ji blessed your Physical Presence.. Satguru Sda Sda ang sang

4) Yesterday during evening simran, we saw ourself in the lap of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Amardas Maharaj ji..

5) Today while doing simran, Same scene repeated that we were in the lap of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Amardas ji Maharaj.. But today it confirmed that we were daughter of Satguru Patshah ji in one of our previous lives.. Satguru Maharaj ji was in front of us.. Satguru Amardas ji said now Dassan Daas ji is your living Satguru and you are now his daughter.. Then satguru Amardas ji converted into Satguru Dassan Daas ji Maharaj ji.. Hahaha aape aap.. Ik hi ho aap ji..

6) today in the afternoon we were listening to Gurbani.. Silver (diamond) sprinkles were showered on us which were coming from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.. We don't have words how to explain this.. Aap Jaani jaan ho ji..

Kotaan kot shukrana for your immense love and grace Satguru Pita ji..



If you are lonely, love and serve others. If you are lacking financially sow daswandh. If you are unfit plant good food in your mouth. What you sow with your tongue also is reaped by you. Words have power.   Bless others blessings come back to you. Curse others and hell mind is created.


Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji.   Look at the leaf hanging, looking frail, if it just realised it was attached to the mighty oak, it was not alone, it was the Master's own.   Look at yourself, thinking I am just this body and mind. You are also a leaf attached to the whole.  Just as the life force in the tree is feeding the leaf, the universal consciousness is also experiencing the world through your eyes and ears.  You are not alone, you are connected to the whole. Say Satnaam and realise your true home. The leaf fills with strength and joy on knowing it has the strength of the tree connected to it. The leaf uplifts the message of joy to the other leaves. They stand strong in the face of thunderstorms and lashing rain.    We stay strong when we stay connected to our source Satnaam. Say Satnaam and stay connected to the Immortal Being who is the power in every being.   Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam. Simple living, high thinking. Change your thinking, change your world.



Many people may doubt that finding God is the purpose of life; but everyone can accept the idea that the purpose of life is to find happiness. I say that God is Happiness. He is Bliss. He is Love. He is Joy that will never go away from your soul. So why shouldn't you try to acquire that Happiness? No one else can give it to you. You must continuously cultivate it yourself.

Even if life gave you at one time everything you wanted — wealth, power, friends — after a while you would again become dissatisfied and need something more. But there is one thing that can never become stale to you — joy itself. Happiness that is delightfully varied, though its essence is changeless, is the inner experience everyone is seeking.

When you sit in the silence of deep meditation, joy bubbles up from within, roused by no outer stimulus. The joy of meditation is overwhelming. Those who have not gone into the silence of true meditation do not know what real joy is.

Baba Virsa Singh Ji


"Akhan aukha sacha nao. It is hard to recite the name of the true one." Says  Baba Nanak.    What makes it hard?  Our mind.  Ego doesn't want to do it. Ego wants to be king. Not a slave of Naam.     What steps does ego take to make it hard? First, ego won't let you believe there is  a king of kings. The supreme King satnaam.  Secondly, it won't let you believe you need a guru for blessings. And thirdly it doesn't want to do what the guru says.     Everytime gurbani says something that means ego has to change it will lash out. It will trash what the guru is saying. It will discredit the guru so it doesn't have to surrender and be a slave of Truth.    When blessed souls tell us something and it pricks us inside. If ego is king we will lash out so we don't have to accept it.   But if we have some humbleness we say it is good those words pricked us. Because that is ego getting pricked. And only ego is my enemy. So now I definitely am going to do what they said.     Then when ego starts realising that this person is seriously not listening to me anymore it starts retreating.  Now it starts repeating satnaam.  Now it gets easier.   When we are in ego and desire, I want this and I don't want that types of thoughts. Then it will always be difficult if not impossible to do Satnaam.


Satnaam Dandaut to All Ji

We really took to a conversation we had with Babaji and Mataji a few days back

They said, "the Guru's job is done once they have given us Naam. They guide us with Gyan as needed.  We cannot blame Guru for anything. It doesn't matter if we see them everyday or have never physically met them. Blessings and grace on everyone is the same.  It comes down to faith, belief and trust and serving those blessings."

Satnaam Bless us All the courage to serve the Blessings.

I am the worst. Alot of work needs to be done with this fool.

Dust of All Your Feet Ji


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