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Sat Baba ji and sat sangat quotes 39

Qn from sikh elder:  There r too many fake sants n our society. It is big business. They live and thrive on money from people with problems n their lives.and live like kings. Teachings r all n Gurbani. Good actors call themselves sants use these for their advantage. And influence good honest and innocent people. It is normal for some untrained Sikhs to make speeches from gurdwara stages. Guru Gonind Singh made every Sikh gurbhai. Not sant or mahapursh.

Gurpreeto:  Yes there are cheats everywhere.  Even gurbani says Benares ke tug.    But gurbani also is full of praise for divine souls.   Doesn't matter what we call them.  Having their sangat is essential.  They have divine light of God inside them.  They are lit and we  get their blessings so we can become lit as well.   Guru Gobind Singh ji called them khalsa.  Gurbani calls them sant or Brahamgiani or Har Jan or bhagat or gurmukh. So many words to praise the ones who have become Jivan mukat.

Guru Gobind Singh ji said pooran jot jagay ghat meh tab khaalas nahi khaalas janaay.   Meaning only those in whom the divine light is lit can be called khalsa otherwise not.     And he wrote khalsa mera sat guru poora.  Meaning the Divine light inside someone (khalsa) is my guru of Truth.      So  Guru Gobind Singh ji didn't change what gurbani is saying.  He created new words to praise the ones who have  done the spiritual journey and merged into the light.      

It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing or calling themself. If they are not Jeevan mukat they are just cheating everyone.  Avar updesay aap karay avat jaavat janmay maraay.    Teaching others but doesn't do it himself will be reborn.    

So we need to go into the divine light ourself and become the khalsa that guru gobind singh ji described with pooran jot inside us.  Then when our body and mind dies our soul stays merged in the divine light. No rebirth. We have done the inside journey. 

Whoever helps us is a good person we need their sangat.  Whoever cheats us we need to stay away.      The divine light of God, Guru Gobind Singh has praised that in other shabads as well.   It is that divine light that is called Truth. Sat.     And it is the Guru.  

Sat guru means sat is the guru of light. Sat naam means sat is the name of that light.    That light was in all gurus and bhagats and  the words that came were called shabad guru.    When those words are written down it was called granth means scripture.     So when we meditate on the Shabad which has come from the light under blessings of sat as the guru. We also go back to the light.   

All the guru's and bhagats and real khalsa who were lit have left their body and are merged into the divine light.   When we say sat Naam we are remembering the light. And automatically we are remembering all the guru's and khalsa and real sants without having to say their names or praying to them.   Pooja Akal kee.   

If we don't remember God's name and just the  name of gurus or sants then we have forgotten the highest guru which is God.

When we say God's name, sat, we are reminding our mind that our soul is light.  E mun tu jot Saroop ha apanaa mool  penchaan.    And when the light comes inside us that light is called guru or sant or khalsa or Brahamgiani.   Not the body not the person. That dies. Light lives forever that's why it is the truth.    

God bless you.


Everyone gets what they want deep down.        
A rare one in ten million is coming to a Guru for God.  Most are coming for other reasons.   We can all look inside ourself and ask why we are really coming to this sangat.   Dying to be with God is probably not the main reason.                       

So, we will do Sat Naam and God will give us what we want.  And if we really don't want to stay then he will let us slide away, but still wait for us to return for however long it takes, even lifetimes.                       

"Jo mange takur soee soee devay – God gives us what we want."

Many are not being truly honest with our self.  In front of guru and sangat we nod and bow and smile and agree about how God is everything.   But, in reality if we look at our daily deeds and thoughts why are not putting it into practise? Because it's not what we really want.     What we really want is our loneliness to go. To be part of a social group.  To find a partner.  To have spiritual experiences.   To pass the time.   To have someone to talk to about our problems. To save our marriage. To heal our sickness. To get a job.  To feel loved.    To be part of a community.   To travel the world and have Sangat.  To get approval and respect. To be someone.    To feel protected. To overcome our trauma. To gain forgiveness for the guilt we carry around ... but to die for God??? One in ten million.                       

What we do not realise is that when we are only dying to be with God and give up the other hopes, that do Sat Naam and he takes care of everything.                       

That's where the majority fail.    They want the gifts. On getting them they leave.     Until they need another gift.     But, if we said we don't want the gifts only want to die for the Giver. Only want to give back everything we already have been given.   Then the Giver also gives us everything we need without us asking.                       

So, it's just a test. Most people fail. Because they have not been struck by God's arrow of love. A love they cannot live without. And would die for.  Look at the pains of separation described in Gurbani.  E.g.

"koee jun har sio devay jor.  Charan gaho bako sub rasna deejay praan akor. – May some divine soul unite me with the Lord.  I would hold onto their feet, utter sweet words with my tongue, and give them my very life."                     

Religion and holy people gatherings are full of this.     But at those places they take the followers money, put them into rituals and tie them up in knots.    In baba ji's sangat, baba ji shakes the tree e.g. with this marayda and the loose branches fall off.                       
Baba ji is always doing a shake up every so often.   Only the ones who truly want to die for God will remain.                       

Everyone in this sangat should also be honest with themselves as to why we are really here.

Vin tudh hor ja mangna cir dukaha kai dukh
Deh Naam santokhia oterai mun kee bhukh
Asking for anything other than You Lord, is asking for the misery of all miseries.
Please give me the contentment filled Naam so all my mental suffering is erased.



All of us want to live freely, as soon as we want to take step forward our boundaries starts, for example family values, tradition, culture, parents status.  These are because of attachment.  When we cross this boundaries then other boundaries  start our religion,city and our country.  Until we are trapped in this thinking we never can live freely.  All of us prison of these boundaries.  These boundaries just create prison.  Until we don't do truth and cross these boundaries we can never live free.  We divided whole world and fighting for small portion of land and killing innocent people for just no reason.  No one took any portion of land whoever died before.  We will leave everything on this earth.  We have to become broad minded not narrow minded.  We are part of this Ocean and we have to live in ocean not become frog of only small well.  Do truth and get our from narrow mind thinking and love all, respect all but never attach to anything.  Attachment will keep us in death and birth.  We can never be free before death or after death.  Bow to you all, love you all.  This fool is just dust of your lotus feet nothing else.  Satnaam ji forever. satnaam ji.


Today everyone running in race and compete others and lost the peace.  Everyone comparing with others.  When everyone is unique then why we have to compare with others for no reason. Everyone has their own destiny and we don't have any idea what their journey is for.  Comparing sometime take us in jealousy and hate.  When jealousy and hate go on the peak then we create enemies.  This hell is not created by others this hell created by our own mind because of comparing.  Better we stop comparing with others and do our journey truthfully and don't harm ourselves and others.  Satnaam ji, bow to you all, loves you all.  Always dust of your lotus feet.  Satnaam ji forever.

Pritam Anand ji.


Satnaam Baba ji said that whereas some people meditate in order to astral travel and see the universe, he meditated to eradicate his ego.       Dhan Dhan baba ji. Dhan Dhan teree vadee kamaaee.   Also that helped us so much as to why we meditate.  Got us thinking about any task we do, why are we doing it?   Our aim should be to eradicate our ego in every task we do. Wether it's doing our job, cooking, cleaning, creating, writing, talking even baba ji said whilst having intercourse.   Satnaam satnaam satnaam.  That is why dassan dass ji gave us the ardas to do every 5 minutes all day long.  Eradicate our ego and pride from every task.


"Idiots think. Saints do." - Yogi Bhajan ji.      Once we received the priceless diamond of sat naam all we can do us give our head.     If we start thinking shall or shall I not do amritvela or sangat or daswandh or seva, then our idiotic ego has taken over.   Once we gave truly given our head there is nothing left to think about. Just do what our sat guru has said and we will become saints like them.


Divine wisdom by Dhan Dhan Sat Gurpreeto ji

Baba ji said do bandagi with "positivity and deremination".  Not negativity and despair.   The Satan of ego and pride will always want satnaam  not to be remembered.    So if we who have been blessed don't remember God's name then who will? The rest of the world have forgotten.
Baba ji said that others did meditation to astral travel and see the universe. But he did meditation to be cured from the worst sickness of ego and pride.
If we are not doing our simran and seva and sangat to get rid of our ego then we are doing it for the wrong reason.   If we are not doing our daswandh of time and money then we are just  making excuses. If we are wasting time and not doing our job or family duties then we are just making excuses.
Baba ji said that he worked very hard.  Both in bandagi and in life.    No excuse for not working hard in everything we do.
If we struggle because of our bad habits and so many distractions of maya, then do ardas all the time. We have the power of humble prayer to help us overcome our bad habits and excuses.
Everything wants to steal our attention and time.   Social media notifications.  News updates. TV programmes. Family and friends.  Adverts everywhere. Shopping centres with bright signs and sale offerings.    We are being pulled all the time by everything in maya to keep us in maya.   Switch it off.  Do ardas. Go for walks. Focus on bandagi. Talk to God inside. Praise nature. Help others. Stay in peace. Give peace to others.
Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam ji everything we wrote applies to us. Is our battle. Please forgive us.


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I Love you baba ji . . .

I love you dassan dass baba ji. . .

I love you all bramgyani's. . .

I love you all bhagat. . .

I love you all sangat. . .

I Love you entire universe . . .

I love you all . . .

I love you satparbram sharnae. . .


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