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Sat sangat and sat baba ji quotes 40

Dandaut bandana satguru Ji dey sat charan kamla Tey Ji

Satguru maharaj ji hoshiarpur Sangat were  so Dhan Dhan Ji (India, May 2017). Aapji da Kottan Kottan shuqrana Sanu Sangat vich hazri lagvaan lai Ji. 
Satguru Ji jo experience n vision aapji ney Sanu Sangat vich bakshey ji oh asi aapji naal share kar rahe ha ji.

Satguru ji first day when we reached in the Sangat there mohali Waley mata ji  were sitting and we do dandaut them and we saw  mata ji turned into aapji roop ji and we saw Dhan Dhan Sri chand Ji were sitting in the Sangat.  Then we do dandaut to Massi ji and we saw Massi ji turned in to the roop of Dhan Dhan Meera bai ji.
In Simran session plenty of distracted faces came before us plenty of trapped souls were present there. There were some pret souls also. Few of them are stuck  in that place and others came there due to sat Sangat ji. In whole Simran  sessions distracted faces of old persons ladies and kids were coming before us regularly. We told them to do jap Satnaam and we told them we have nothing  u go to our Dhan Dhan satguru ji for mukti.

In the night whole Sangat went to Sat Anoop ji s place and by just entering there house we got different kind of negativity and we pray in aapji s charan to remove this negativity. Aapji gave us Huqam for going in the room adjacent to the lobby and as we enter in the room we shocked to see the plenty of moortis n pics of different kind of Devi devatas as it was a kind of mandir made by Anoop ji s mother we saw a plenty of trapped souls n prets in that room and we started doing Satnaam Simran loudly with full force and that soul prets started moving around us and the Shivji was standing in virat roop by holding trishul before that mandir and looking us in very anger. There one old person soul with moustaches appear before us told us that he's Anoop s relative. We ask Anoop ji about this then he shown us his father pic who was expired and he was the same person. We were doing Satnaam Simran continusely we got fully sweated and we were feeling low n bit depressed in that room so we came outside and sat in the stairs there we saw on every stair one pret was sitting with horrible faces and looking at us. Then head mata ji also came there and we do benti to them to give  relief that souls n prets and they blessed them via us. After that head mata ji we along with Sant Taranjeet came to that same room there head mata ji n sant taranjit told to remove all that moortis and pics of Demi gods from there then other Sangat and Anoop ji removed all pics n moortis of Demi gods from there and also removed the wooden mandir from there and in that moment we were standing backside doing Satnaam Simran then suddenly we got vision whole house light gone and there were black darkness in whole room and then hundreds of Demi gods appear before us and they were in lot of anger and they want to attack on us but they were not able to touch us and we were doing continuously Satnaam Simran one of the big Demi God in virat roop with long beard appear very close to us just near to our face and he tried us to attack but all in vein and we throw them back and they disappear. The whole atmosphere was got so much tense. And then Anoop Ji s mother started crying as she was feeling guilt and hurt due to removing a mandir n pics of Demi gods from there but head mata ji n sat taranjeet Ji started blessing her and in few minutes she felt relaxed. When all Demi gods disappeared then we got Darshan of Dhan Dhan hanuman Ji they were wearing a garland and telling us that they will take care of house. After this we came to the lobby and other Sangat were doing Satnaam Simran and then again Demi gods appeared before us and told that we will see Anoop Ji s mother after Sangat so that we told Anoop ji to take his mother alongwith him at Sangat at Rupinder ji s  house.
Second day today in the morning in Simran session again we saw plenty of souls of old ladies men and kids. And Dhan Dhan Budha Ji gave us Darshan Ji we felt so soothing by having there Darshan ji.
When Sangat was to concluded and Navneet ji were doing ardaas keertan then a lot of prets and distracted faces appeared before our face and tried to attack us but they were not able to touch us but they were laughing and teasing us and also tried to frightened us but we told them with force to jap Satnaam and Dhan Dhan mera satguru poora ji.

Sangat was so blessed satguru ji.
Satguru maharaj ji Sab aapji Di rehmat bakshish hai satguru ji asi Na hi kisey jog.

It's our benti in aapji s pious lotus feets that aapji kindly blessed that all trapped souls and prets. They all need aapji blessings Satguru maharaj ji aapji parm dyalu Ho ji
Kirpa baksho ji.

Bhul chuk maaf karna Satguru maharaj ji muj moorakh to aneka bhula hundiya ji
Moorakh bacha samj maaf karna ji
Dhan Dhan mera satguru poora Ji.

Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Sada Satnaam ji.



Dimple was blessed with these spiritual experiences at Sundernagri last weekend (may 27,28 2017)

sat paar brahm ji ka khalsa
sat paar brahm ji ki fateh

with aseem kirpa of sat paar brahm ji pyare satguru babaji pitaji we wanted to share the mahima of sat that we witness in the last two days at sundar nagri.

the moment with dandout to aapji we just went into sum smadh. we felt total silence and peace there. sitting in that blissful moment aapji washed us with white milk pouring all over our body. attire changed to all white with a white chunni on the head. dargah was full of all lady saints in the same attire with sangat happening.
we started having conversation with paar brahm in aapji. the recent hukum of wearing indian suits and not to wear black had been bothering us for sometime as andarli maryada is different that baharli.

like a child we asked our dad what is the significance of this new hukum and the answer came "look around what do you see". we saw all sants in white and head covered. in the meantime pitaji aapji were telling sangat at sundar nagri the head cover is for respect. it made perfect sense to see that aapji want us to be like the sants in the dargah.
then we asked "why not black". aapji showed us all the colours that god has made the colours the radiance of them was shining so much. we were just awed by the beauty of all the colours. then aapji said when god has made such beautiful colours then why chose black.
we asked but black is also your colour . my hair is black my eyelashes are black. aapji said look at your body how much black is there on your body very limited. it is just to highlight and give definition to the features and nothing else. shukhrana sachchey patshah ji for aapji dhan dhan gyan ji.

amrit diamonds flowers just poured down the akaash.

aapji showed us our soul all in white dressed in white like a christian bride just running wanting to merge in the light.

aapji made us so keertan and it was as if we are singing in the dargah and as if we are not singing but just an instrument.

on one instance we saw how aapji take the sangat pains away. one of the sangat member was singing. and all we saw was thousands of insects, small.lizards, bugs all black in colour coming out of the member mouth with force. they kept coming out and aapji whole body was covered with it from head to toe. we at that point picked up a drum and started playing it. we saw in the meantimr a man drumming a nagada likr drum loudly as if waging a war against the koodh. we were ao pained to see how much pain aapji take to clean each one of us. how you drink our dukhs. slowly aapji startes getting clean from toea towards head. all insects etc vanished and all was prakash here

pitaji there is no way anyone of us pay back what aapji and babaji do for us all fools.your love is unconditional and boundless. while aapji were cleaning gyan came that god doesnot look at our sins but our love dedication.

nimaya ka maan.
avgun nahi chitarda.

aapji showed us how mataji has been our mom on different occasions in previous births. whrn mataji was doing keertan first we saw like we always see mataji and us as mom and daughter in whitr clothes doing keertan in dargah.
mataji keertan was surreal and was happening at a different plain/level. we saw a very differnet palace beaitiful decors curtains etx saw tgat suddenly from white both of us are wearing red colour clothes with a beautiful rose in the hair. mataji looked so beautiful the elegance the beauty is undescribeable.the eed dreas with a golden border looked just dhan dhan on her. we saw that mataji is doing keertan and we are dancing in the god"s court. the dance was his dance and we were just a puppet dancing to his tunes..mataji flawless singing was making gid happy and we kept dancing for him like court dnacer.
dhan dhan pitaji we cannot express what we saw and felt.

aapji continue to bless this ungrateful daughter with beyant blessings. we are akritghan of the highest order.aapji di beyant kirpa te pyaar hai. satnaam jinlove you always. aapji sada hi apne charna che jode rakho appji sada sukhi ravoji.
satnaam ji.

Dimple (inderjit)


Satnaam ji. Just sharing our diary of gur sangat last week:    
Fri 26 may 17

On the way to gur sangat. In the plane doing simran. Only have one aim for the next few days.... Japo ta eko naama avar niraful kama.   Recite the name of the One. All other activities are useless.   

Character is destiny.  Waste alot of time instead of working. Feel frustrated. Slave to my habits. Can't escape.   Satguru baba ji please save me from myself.  From this character called Harjit Lakhan.   Please bless us with knowing you ourself. Please bless us with sangat of those who know you. Please keep us in the love of kirtan and gurbani and words of truth.    World and media have forgotten the Truth. Constantly doing their sangat we forget too. Doubts come back. Faith diminishes.  But I know the Truth. God showed me his own light. So believe. Baba ji said just believe.  If we just believed then no worry. No hesitation. No confusion.   Go back to basics. Do I even do daswandh of time and money? Amit ji said all he did was surrender.   Currently with blessings  I do about 1.5 hrs then lie down again.   And daswandh not accurate.   Plus during the day half an hour to an hour time spent on editing and uploading.  Then walk and do simran.   Don't sing much any more kirtan. Losing connection with gurbani.  Been listening to kirtan today. Good. So let's just surrender and do daswandh first and foremost everyday. Plus humble ardas dassan dass ji gave all day. Morning and evening.   And let's work whilst working.  And daily exercise and eat well.  Anything else is a bonus.  Let's do this with determination for next 6 months. Let's transform. Don't want any remains of this character Harjit lakhan.  His destiny is not Jeevan Mukti.  Have to make extra efforts for that.  Really transform and actually do seva of others.

Sat 27 may

Really blessed day.   Harminder ji and dimple penji did great seva with so much love of us. Came into sundar nagari about 11.00.    Did simran along the way inside. Just feel more peace as we are going towards baba ji and dassan dass ji. Our living golden temple. Our mecca. Right here right now.

Baba ji was waiting at the entrance. Greeted us as we drove in and said we are in for a telling off.  Told Harminder ji that we came from UK a day before with eagerness to meet guru. But reaching here we have delayed getting herr till this late time because of our lack of enthusiasm.  Should be so much love for guru you jump out of bed and have thirst to serve guru before guru even reaches that place.  Like past gurus served their guru.  Said that is lacking.  Dassan dass ji was waiting.

Was so blessed baba ji spoke to this fool for a long time. Blessed us. In unknown ways.     He was telling all Canada sangat off as was dassan dass ji for not making efforts at home and in life and not coming to sundar nagari every Sunday.

Afternoon people relaxed was sunny day.  Went for a walk saw swans, and cygnets on the river. 

Inside dassan dass ji was sitting in the chair sangat huddled around in front of the sunshine through the window wall. And cool blue river.  We did dandauth they hugged us to their side as we touched their feet.  Then r tired to touch feet too but dd stopped her she said why can he replied that I am his mittr friend. As I do simran but she doesnt. If she does simran then she can be mittr too. She sat a bit back didn't reply.  They blessed us alot only they know how.  No need to closes eyes in sangat to do simran as guru is sitting in front. At home do simran closed eyes and they appear inside.

Sunny ji told story of dhan Dhan Hanuman ji who was devoted to serving others with no care of himself. Who sat focused on God's name to fill each cell of his body so there was no space for anything else.   Inspired us to sit and do bandagi like that.

Dassan Dass ji said to make the most of this life. We said bahut janam bichare te madho eh janam tumara lekhay.   They blessed us right away saying this is our last life.  Even if we don't get Jeevan mukat as long as we attended sangat they will ferry us across. Then baba ji blessed every one in sangat with the same.

Said we had to become brahm giani in this life or next time as we have satguru poora.  So do the bandagi.

Baba ji motivated us. Said no need to think about daswandh. Need to give it. Guru gives us all material success and will play any game we want to play with him.   But daswandh gets multiplied and comes back.   Also pray to God that we can't let go of our bad habits and only he can release us from them.

Pritam ji explained his own story with money. Since he was unfairly dismissed from work 7.5 yrs ago he has seen times when he had only 100 dollars left and borrowed on the card to send money for kidney operation when Deepa requested on kakao for help. Even to the point he was ready to give the house keys to the bank. But can't let go of satnaam and good deeds.  At that time he got married to Lynn, his son couldn't see how they could pay bills and support another person and kept questioning pritam who just kept answering satnaam.  And he said what you keep saying Satnaam for? And then lynn got job  and kids got some part time jobs.  Now he has won his case and will receive large payout.  He said to baba ji all is yours and baba ji said use it to pay the kids tuition fees for their bachelor degrees. So he gives it away. No attachment.  Baba ji said maya is filth. Money is part of it. It does not control him one bit.  It has nothing in it. Just a commodity.  Compared to one spec of love for God baba ji would sacrifice a thousand generations.   Satnaam.

Evening kirtan tavleen sung her tune was really blessed.   Was dancing and singing going and others got up to felt like light was raining down.

Sat 3 June 17

Sunday at sundar nagari sitting outside with sangat dassan dass ji and mata ji taught us all how to sing satnaam with love from the heart and to emphasise the t in sat  and m in naam so it resonates.

Was great. Dassan dass ji said all sangat was white light now.  They cleaned us up.  On Monday Harminder ji drove us to niagra on the lake followed by niagra falls and the boat ride on the horn blower. Was great. The power of satnaam in nature.    On Tuesday went to canada's wonderland. Was fun with the kids until the fourth roller-coaster and my head spinning and stomach in mouth. Evening was sangat at gurpreet ji's house. Everyone was so kind.  Tavleen sung all joined in. Felt light was so close. 

Car broke down on the way home. Slept alot on Wed and thu. Had come back determined to be a warrior and sit for simran with discipline. But then feel bad because too tired/jet lagged.  Mind tries to  justify. Just do humble ardas.

Later night :   
Got up at midnight with guru's blessing. Had shower wore white kurta pyjama and orange headscarf.  Dimple ji said in her vision of dargah she saw all saints male and female astral bodies sitting in white with heads covered as sign of respect. We used to like sitting like that. Rather than doing simran in our pyjamas on the bed and falling asleep. So sat on thr sofa.   Trying to be a warrior of naam.  After couple of hours went to sleep at 2.30.    In the dream was seeing the place Jagdeep committed suicide and he looked like a sickly yellow horse. I was trying to say Satnaam but no voice would come out.  Then was in a room with people doing all kinds of crazy violence. Again was trying to say Satnaam buy no voice. Finally got them to pay attention and sit and whole room was white. But still trying to say Satnaam but was being muted. No voice coming out.   Then some ghostly thing was pinning me down and again I was trying to say Satnaam with all my might but no voice. Finally the words came out loud and clear SAT NAAM and I woke up saying Sat Naam and kept chanting for another hour or so.   They were all my dhoots.   They have been suppressing me. I have been blind. I got complacent. I got disillusioned thinking I have failed at bandagi. I stopped trying. I gave up being strict about simran but they are at war with me. Now God has shown me. That's why I don't focus on work then feel bad. Etc.   Now wage war against maya that is bandagi" (dassan dass ji said that). Must get up for doing amritvela and get up to solid 2.5 hrs each night and more.   One mind one focus. Prayed to God that I can't do bandagi please come and do it. Sat Naam Sat Naam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam.



There is no short cut to Satnaam simran and surrender.

There is no short cut to long sessions of Satnaam Simran at AMRITVELA for achieving success.

There is no short cut to complete surrender at the sat CHARANS of SATGURU.

There is no short cut to earning the Satbachans of SATGURU POORA.

All please follow the SATNAAM SANGAT MARYADA.
Always remember that AMRITVELA starts at midnight every night
Those who are seriously taking bandgi don't sleep after midnight
Those who focus on long sessions of Satnaam simran at AMRITVELA don't get tired working during the day as they are filled with divine powers by the simran and their dedication.
Their sleep is reduced drastically and doesn't effect their health physically.
Those who worry about their sleep fail.
Those who sit in long sessions of Satnaam Simran ask them how energetic they are 24 hours a day
By sitting in long sessions of Satnaam Simran only you will be able to go to SUNN SMADHI.
Your mind will get controlled only if you are able to go in SUNN SMADHI.
By sitting in long sessions of SUNN SMADHI only you will be able to win Maya.
Therefore sitting in long sessions of Satnaam Simran is the key to success.
Your Bajjar Kpaats will open easily by sitting in long sessions of Satnaam Simran.
And your Sat Sarovars will get enlightened.
Those who are not sitting in long sessions of Satnaam Simran at AMRITVELA are big losers. Their bandgi is stuck and not moving forward.
Satnaam bless you all with long sessions of Satnaam Simran.

Dassan Dass ji

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