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Sat sangat and sat baba ji quotes 46


Even after being in Satnaam Sangat for a long time many of you are still in the grip of hatred for others and can't even get along with other members of Satnaam Sangat.

You should be filled with love for everyone and every creation what to talk about your own Satnaam Parivar members?

We are all human beings trying to transform ourselves with the Sat Grace and we all have limitations and are not perfect and can make such mistakes as hate.

But at the same time we all know that we should be kind and forgiving and we all are blessed with this divine wisdom. So when we  hate and slander others and don't get along with others then where does our wisdom go?

When we respond to others with unacceptable bad behavior then where does our divine wisdom go?

Why do we hate others, judge others and down play others and whom do we hurt with such behavior?

We do NIRVAIR NIRBHAO simran every day here. So what happens when it is time to be NIRVAIR in our actions and deeds?

When it is time to see God in every creation then why can't we love every creation as it is God's creation?

You should never hate anyone and love everyone equally.

You have to practice the divine wisdom and be truthful in your actions and deeds no matter what is done by others.

This is how the demon of ego destroys you. It burns you up inside and destroys you because you let it do so.

Where there is the demon of anger there is destruction. The demon of anger partners with the demon of ego.
Both of these demons destroy you totally and they continue to do so on a continuing basis day and night.

Don't you understand their devastating game ?

They play with you this ugly destructive game because you let them play inspite of knowing what you should do when these demons are attacking you.

These Demond should be your slaves but you become their slave because you totally ignore the truth and indulge in their dirty game.

Think about this:

Ego, anger, hate, down playing and judgment are our worst enemies because they are all very poisonous.

When you are under their influence then your deeds become sources of collection for this poison.

The collection of such poison makes our life hell, painful, shameful and disgusting.

Don't you experience this in reality when you fall prey to these demons?

You are a blessed human being and are an honorable member of the Satnaam Sangat which many of you experience sitting in dargah on a very frequent basis.

Look at your life before coming to the Satnaam Sangat and after coming to Satnaam Sangat.

Then why do you undermine the MAHIMA (glory) of this Satnaam Sangat?

Why do we let ourselves in the dirty play of these demons and bring disgrace to our faces which should be shining in Dargah?

So please understand how these demons are destroying you and work on yourself so you can defeat them.

Don't let them ruin your life. Live in Truth. Serve the Truth and save your face from getting blackened with shame and disgrace.

Satnaam bless you all always.

Satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam.

Dassan Dass ji.


A humble request from Satguru for the satsangs from now on
Pls follow the guidelines truthfully

Satnaam Ji this humble request Ji and helpful guidelines that which with Sat Grace will benefit us greatly is not just for the upcoming big sangat Ji it is all the time whether it is a regular Tuesday sangat, weekend sangat or a big sangat Ji. Dhan Dhan Sarey Sada Sukhi Raho Ji.

Satnaam Ji at Sunder Nagri please Close utensil cabinets and bins(there is a exception for example if someone is putting dishes away and this benti/ humble request is to prevent spiders and dust and other stuff ending up in the cabinets and bins and on dishes).

10 humble request List by Dassan Dass Ji created by suhagans from India,:

For the upcoming Satnaam Sangat and future satnaam sangat s please follow following requests

1.   During Katha, Kirtan & Simran; Please don't talk and disturb others.
2.   When a person is sitting in Samadhi; Please don't disturb him/her.
3.   Please don't share sangat videos to outsiders.
4.   Parents should take care of their children.
5.   Please take care of your belongings.
6.   Please use toilets/washroom judiciously. Allow all sangat members to use it for toilet purpose before taking shower.
7.   When call for langar comes then everyone should immediately come and free people serving it.
8.   Please don't serve langar instead allow people to take by themselves as per their requirement (self-service).
9.   If someone is already doing sewa then don't force him instead politely request for it. Also share sewa with others.

This will help you all benefit more from the Satnaam Sangat

These requests came from honorable Satnaam Sangat from India Satnaam Sangat
These are not any rules and are just humble requests only

Satnaam bless you all always

Satnaam Ji benti from sat baba Ji please do not sleep or nap in the sangat hall ji

& no use of mobiles .eg calls,mssgs, social media . Respect your guru, gur sangat and those precious moments.

So we should treat sunder Nagri like a gurdawra look after our stuff be respectful... And if u want to do Dandout then do it like at the gurdawra where ppl do it right infornt of the sangat hall so in the same way do it right In front of the maintence room and before the carpet begins.

When eating pls put ur attention on the food... respect the food and thank God for the blessed food. Pls avoid talking in the lunch room while consuming the food.

Leave sat baba Ji sat mata Ji sat Dassan Dass Ji alone if they are sitting by them selves... the exception is if someone needs to really talk or to ask if they need anything/ seva.

Do not private message or call  baba Ji and no one allowed to go to his house in Woodstock and Sunder nagri  house without permission.

Sangat can msg Mata ji and Dasandas ji if they have questions and please dont call without their permission.

Don't leave ur stuff in the sangat hall and please put it in appropriate places not lying in the middle of the Sanagt hall

No negative energy convos... And don't talk about negative stuff to SatGuru and others that will create negative field around you and will keep you in illusion instead do more simran and sit in Samadhi.

Kids/ the boys that can use washrooms in certain rooms and benti to them to leave the washroom in a respectful manner. (This request is only for the kids sleeping in the kids room for the upcoming 2017 September sangat)

Satnaam Ji in the room at sunder Nagri no kids are allowed to play in the room Ji and no one can nap in the room.
If you are tired, unhealthy or need rest pls leave the hall quietly go to your room.

Washrooms at sunder Nagri leave it in a respectful manner.

Inside the girls washroom only: dispose tampons and pads and stuff properly...

Keep doors( the entrance/the ones that lead outside)  closed to prevent bugs unless if it is needed to stay open (eg: smell, cooking, ppl in and out, stuff coming in and out)...

If u are sick do not attend Sangat please. This is to prevent others from getting sick which will prevent them from attending sangat...

Your conscience or Surat or dhayn should be on what you are doing. So if you are siting and listening to katha you should put 100%  dhayan/surat/conscience on the katha and close your eyes. AND do not worry about anything else like home, others, Langar prep, and other unfinished works...etc. Do this ardas with folded hands in front of the Hirda and say: "Kirpa Kar Satnaam Ji or whatever way u want to do/ call Parbaham Ji and say Kar Kipra and guide me work through me and show me how to do ur seva"... keep your dhyan at only one place at a time and try your best to stay in the moment.

Satnaam ji bless all.


What we did, said and thought in the past we are reaping as our state of mind today.  What we do, say and think today creates our tomorrow.       So think bright, white light satnaam and become that. Or think negative towards yourself and others and become dark.     What we sow we reap.


September 2017 sangat.


Following Divine Will:

Keeping past in our memories we will ruin our moment of truth. Then whatever we will sow in moment now we will reap. SOW SAT REAP SAT
Keeping past within our thoughts and ruining our moment of truth
Whatever happened in our lives is lesson for us Learn it  forgive forget and move on
All of us made mistakes in our lives we have to accept and move on.
If we don't take Garbage out from our house then house start stinking our house and we will suffer. Anything other than SATNAAM AND TRUTHFUL DEEDS IS LIKE KEEPING IN MIND IS GARBAGE AND WE WILL SUFFER ON THE FIRST PLACE
Forgiving others is a great living
We have to accept and move on
We can not bring past moments back but learn from those moments and enjoy moment of truth and do Truth
When we don't forgive others we think we are better than others.

Dhan Dhan Pritam Anand ji.


Live in the present moment and live in truth in the present moment
Your life will become truthful
Follow truth in the present moment
Serve truth in the present moment
Deliver the truth in the present moment
This is how your life will become truthful
Your present moment will become BANDGI and your Amrit level will never drop. It will continue to grow higher.
Your Karni will become sat DI karni. All your deeds will become truthful and your life will always be in peace and bliss.
It is so easy and simple
Going back in past is only going in pains. Going into future is also not going to help.
So delete the past don't think about future and sieze the present moment.
And live in the present moment in truth
Then no mistakes no misdoings no regrets no pains no problems
Bliss peace love and happiness
What can be so simple and easy to do than living in the present moment in truth
Your truthfulness will make you trust worthy
Where there is truth there is trust Where there is trust there is love where there is love there is devotion
Trust is born from truth
Love is born from trust
Devotion is born from love
Love is god
Trust is god
Truth is god
Truth = Trust = Love = Devotion = God
What can be more simpler than this definition of god
Truth = Trust = Love = Devotion = God = Infinite divine power
Truth = Trust = Love = Devotion = God = Infinite divine powers = kindness = forgiveness = humbleness
We all are very fortunate to be blessed with all this. As humans we are blessed with all these divine powers. All we need is to use these divine powers.
When we use these divine powers we keep getting into more and more deeper bliss and peace
Can we not use all these divine powers given to us ?
With this we are all also been provided with the demonic powers of lust anger greed attachment and ego.
To fulfill our desires we very easily fall prey to these demonic powers
When we do so then we become a very dangerous demon
And we destroy ourselves by falling prey to these demons
Using these demonic powers to fulfill our desires we collect poison and eventually killing ourselves.
This poison collected in your body leads you to all kinds of mental and physical sicknesses
So it is up to you to use divine powers and make your life successful or use demonic powers and destroy your life.
Is it not so simple and easy to understand and follow this divine wisdom ?
Making your life or breaking your life is in your hands.
You are the master of your own destiny
Using divine powers you will meet god and all demonic powers will come down on there knees and live under your feet.
Then these demonic powers of Maya will serve you. You will become their master.
If you live as a slave of the demonic powers of Maya then these destructive powers will obviously destroy you totally.
So make a decision for yourself today at this moment. Do you want to be a master of Maya or you want to be slave of Maya forever.

Dhan Dhan Dassan Dass ji.


Divine wisdom by Dhan Dhan Satguru Mata ji :-

Anter agiyaan
Naam giyaan
Gur jyot lagaee

Sabad binna na tariaa jaaye
Bin har bhajan shooten naahi
Naam adhaara
Mitiaa andhiaara
Aap gwaaee
Ta sukh paaee
Sach hi karnehara
Sach hi swaaranhaara
Amrita naam tera att meetha
Anter deetha so ghat ghat deetha
Sabh teri kirpa
Dhan dhan Paarbraham Parmeshwar dhan dhan Paarbraham Parmeshwar Dhan dhan Paarbraham Parmeshwar dhan dhan Paarbraham Parmeshwar dhan dhan Paarbraham Parmeshwar

Dhan dhan mera prabh piyaara
Daana beena

Jhoothi daekhi preet jagat mein
Jhoothi daekhi preet

Tera hi Tera sabh kush tera tu sabhna ka daata hein

Tu Anteryami kia gunn aakh sunaava

Sabh gunn tere sabh avgun mere
Tu khara mein khota

Soiee jappay jis te tera haath

Keisa rang(sat)
Na hovae bhang

Meet hamara soyee
Jis te bahar naahi koyee

Aisi preet bani prabh teri
Shoot gaiee abb meri meri

Aeisa vapaar karo re
Namm dhan laagae meetha sadd hi
Shoot jaaye sansaari

Dhan dhan mera pritam piyaara

Anter vassay bishrhae naahi

Aape rangae
Aap sawaarae

Dhan dhan sai mera

Aape khel
Aap khilaarhi

Sacha aap sacha darbaar
Hukam sacha
Sacha yog
Sacha yogi
Aape bhog
Aape bhogi

Sacha hovae ta sach jaanae
Gur parsaadi anter pehchaanae

Pvittar tu pavittar tera asthaan

Aape sunae aap vakhaanae

Sda sda jaaoon qurbaanae

Dhan teri wadeyaaee dhan Teri wadeyaaee

Soiee boojhay jisay

Dhan dhan tera naam
Dhan dhan naam ishnaan

Dhan tera dhiyaan
Dhan tera vichaar

Sat sat sat bless all with pooran sat tatt

Anter khojo bhai

Prabh bahar naahi

Naam suno araadho vichaaro

Ander dubh jaao

Sai betha chup chupeetae
Betha oodeek ch ki kad mera piyaara menu labhaega
Mein ander hi tere


Kiya mera kiya tera
Mera mera mitt gia ta reh giaa tera tera
Matt mari mann jeevat hoiyaa
Piyaar piya bharam bhau khoiyaa
Naam japae ta sovat bhi jaagat
Na jappay ta jaagat bhi
Sev krae sahib kadae na vishrae
Nein vassay hirde vassay sabh kaaj srray
Aape aap chalaye mera piyaara sacha sach pardhaan
Aape khote kharae bnaae aape deavae daan
Aape mashiaara
Aape mashli
Aape bannda jaal
Kirpa karae ta baksh lae
Bhavjal karaae paar
Manmuh soojhi na pvaye har keeaa katha kahaaneeaa
Gurmukh chitaare har swaas
anandit bahu rang maaneeaa
Jo jeeae  sat santokh daya dharm naam ch
Tinna  janam saffla bnaa liya
Jo shorh na saakay
Kaam krodh lobh moh hankaar
Oh  ithae bhi haare oohaa bhi gwaa liya
Ih janam c bahut vadhi kirpa data di
Tinna ih samjh na aaiyaa
Andro meilay bahron meilay
dharti da bhaar vadhaaiya
Jo andro nirmal bahron nirmal
Bhagta ma da laekha chukaaiyaa
Dhan dhan teri rehmat keemat kahi na jaaye keemat daei na jaaye
Dhan dhan mittar asadrha
Sat Paarbraham Sarnaaee
Sabh kush tera
Tera hi tera
Ik rangi baho rangi

Sat Mata ji.



Darkness of Ignorance within
Wisdom of Naam
Shined with the light of Gur

One can't ferry across without the Shabad
That without devotional worship (Bhagati) of the Lord, there is no emancipation.
Support is Naam
Darkness Eradicated
Give up Selfishness
then attain happiness
Truth is the only doer
Just Truth embellishes and exalts.
Your Naam is so very sweet Ambrosial Nector
same god i have seen inside and I see him everywhere
All is your grace
Great Great Transcendent Lord, the Supreme Lord God. Great Great Transcendent Lord, the Supreme Lord God.
Great Great Transcendent Lord, the Supreme Lord God. Great Great Transcendent Lord, the Supreme Lord God.....

Great Great my Beloved God
All-knowing and All-seeing
In this world, I have seen love to be false. love to be false.
yours yours everything is yours, you are the giver of everything to all

Your the Inner-knower, Searcher of Hearts. What Virtues of Yours can I speak of and describe?

All virtues belongs to you; all vices belongs to me
You are genuine; I am counterfeit.

on whom you place your hand of Grace are so blessed, meditate on the Name of the Lord

what kind of hue (Sat) it is; it shall never, ever be broken.

My Lord and Master is my best friend. There is nothing beyond him;

Such is my love for the Lord of the Universe; My and mine is eradicated

Do such trade, O trader, Treasue of Lord's Name—Naam should seem sweet forever; emancipated from the world.

Great Great my Darling Beloved God

Abides deep within,  I never forget

He Himself imbues us
He Himself adorns

Great Great is my Lord

He himself is the play
He himself is the player

God Himself is True, and True is His Court.
True is his Command
True is the Yog
True is the yogi
he himself is the enjoyment
he himself is the enjoyer of pleasure

if you are true then you can know truth
with the grace of God you can recognize within

You are the pure and pure is your place

you yourself hear and you yourself elaborate

I am forever a sacrifice

Great Great is your Glory Great is your Glory

He alone understands, whom the Lord Himself inspires to understand.

Great Great is your Naam
Great Great is your Naam Bathing

Great is your contemplation
Great is your consideration

Sat Sat Sat (Eternal Truth Eternal Truth Eternal Truth ) bless all with complete essence of Sat (Eternal Truth)

Search him inside, O Brother!

God is not outside

Listen the Naam, worship & adore the naam, contemplate the naam.

Submerge inside

Lord is sitting silent inside
waiting for when his lover will find him

I am inside you.

Sat Mata Ji



Without Acceptance, various things tend to get in the way of harmonious relationship.

1. There are our judgements of one another.
2. Our Fears of one another.
3. Our Tendency to Hurt and Exploit one another......... so on.
In Bandagi or say in Satnaam ji House no room for JUDGEMENT, FEAR, HURT & EXPLOIT.
We can not change our past but by doing good deeds today we can make our future better
We learn from our mistake and others better we learn and move on
Learning NEVER Stop
We Regret for past and worried about Tomorrow then how we can enjoy Moments of Truth.

Pritam Anand ji Dandauth


Your bandagi is inside you. Your devotion is between you and your God. Your surrender, your every breath, your every moment  you know how much you desire to be with Him.      Rest is just running around for whatever reason.


We cannot say anything about the greatness of our guru for we have not a clue.  We cannot even say they are God because we have no idea what God is.   We cannot know the depth of their love and kindness for all for it is a bottomless ocean.    We can only dive into the name they blessed us with, Satnaam, and hope they will merge with their lotus feet.    We cannot say even one word about the glorious greatness of our sat guru for he is beyond words, beyond letters, beyond our minds limited thinking.    We cannot say or think anything about our Guru.  We can only do the Satnaam and seva they gave us and pray one day we become like them, like the wave merges into the ocean.   Only then will the drop go home and know what it is to be part of the ocean.   Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam.


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